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Artwork on the theme of Studio Ghibli’s works appears

Artwork on the theme of Studio Ghibli’s works appears

Artworks themed on Studio Ghibli works have appeared at the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art.

Glass objects with motifs of Studio Ghibli’s works spin and sparkle in the light.

Characters from Studio Ghibli’s works are projected on the walls and ceiling.

The “Ghibli’s Gentouro,” which sits in the first room of the “Ghibli’s Grand Exposition” at the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art (Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture), is a nearly 5-meter-high work of art created by artists from Toyama City, who are known worldwide in the world of glass art.

A wonderful recreation of the worlds of Nausicaa and Ponyo.

The “Ghibli Grand Exposition” is filled with the fascination of Studio Ghibli’s long history and the animated films it has produced.

The three-dimensional sculptures reproducing the works of top creators are full of power.

In the “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” exhibit area, the world of the “Sea of Decay” and its inhabitants, the “Omu” bugs, are beautifully recreated.

The “Ponyo on the Cliff” sculpture was popular with small children, who lined up in rows or faced each other to capture it on camera.

Since photography was prohibited inside the museum, many people took commemorative photos in front of the “My Neighbor Totoro” cat bus in front of the entrance, where they could take pictures.

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