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Partial reproduction of “Famous Scenes from Ghibli’s Becoming” at the Ghibli Park exhibition

“Ghibli Park and the Ghibli Exhibition” to be Held at Five Venues in Japan

In the “Ghibli Park and Ghibli Exhibition” scheduled to be held at five venues in Japan, including Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, some of the exhibits that will actually be installed in Ghibli Park will be reproduced.

You can feel the atmosphere of Ghibli Park.

You can see the exhibition from the website link below.

ジブリパークの注目展示「ジブリのなりきり名場面展」が「ジブリパークとジブリ展」で一部再現されます - 愛知県

*also see English translation

One of the most notable exhibits at Ghibli Park’s “Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse” is the “Ghibli’s Narrated Scenes” exhibition.

The exhibition features three-dimensional sculptures and panels depicting memorable scenes from Studio Ghibli’s works, allowing visitors to feel as if they were in a scene from the movie.

Schedule of “Ghibli Park and Ghibli Exhibition”

The “Ghibli Park and Ghibli Exhibition” is scheduled to run through September 2023 at a total of five venues, beginning with the Nagano Prefectural Museum of Art in July 2022.

We have noted the website links (translated into English by Google) for each museum, if you would like to check them out.

Schedule of “Ghibli Park and Ghibli Exhibition”



place(web link)

Nagano venue July 16th (Saturday) -October 10th (Monday / Holiday), 2022 Nagano Prefectural Art Museum
Aichi venue October 29th (Saturday) -December 25th (Sunday) 2022 Aichi Museum of Art
Kumamoto venue January 20th (Friday) -March 26th (Sunday), 2023 Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art
Hyogo venue April 15th (Saturday) -June 25th (Sunday), 2023 Kobe City Museum (planned)
Yamaguchi venue July 15th (Saturday) -September 24th (Sunday), 2023 Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Museum

* The organizer is different for each venue.

*Original English Article by Aichi Prefecture (translated)

ジブリパークの注目展示「ジブリのなりきり名場面展」が「ジブリパークとジブリ展」で一部再現されます - 愛知県

Main “Ghibli Park” exhibits and other items to be featured at the exhibition

Main exhibits that will be shown at the “Ghibli Park and Ghibli Exhibition” are as follows.

Exhibition of Famous Scenes from Ghibli’s Narrative

In the “Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse” in Ghibli Park, impressive scenes depicted in Studio Ghibli’s works are represented by three-dimensional sculptures and panels.

Visitors to the park will be able to experience and feel as if they were in a scene from the movie.

In the “Ghibli Park and Ghibli Exhibition,” visitors can sit side by side with Kaonashi, who is seated in the car of a mysterious train running on the sea, the Kaihara Train, from the movie “Spirited Away,” and feel as if they were Chihiro, the main character in the film.

Spirited Away | The Fake Director’s Room

In the “Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse” of Ghibli Park, there will be an exhibit based on the motif of Yubaba’s office in the movie “Spirited Away.

It is likely to be a reproduction of Yubaba absorbed in her work.

The “Ghibli Park and Ghibli Exhibition” will feature a 1/1 scale representation of the fake director’s office for the exhibition.

Other objects such as the cat bus, the Ootori-sama, the garden in the sky, and the Karakuri Clock will also be on display.

Personally, I would like to see the object of the Giant God Warrior in the Garden of the Sky… (^^)


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