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[Flash Report] Ghibli Park is closed on Tuesdays

Ghibli Park’s holiday dates revealed

The official Japanese website of Ghibli Park reveals that the park is closed every Tuesday.


*English Translated

As of May 11, 2022, it is not clearly stated on the English website, but will be updated eventually.

If Tuesday holiday, the park will be closed the following day

If Tuesday is a national holiday, the park will be closed on the following weekday.

And will open during long school vacation periods.

Since it is difficult to understand Japanese school holidays in a nutshell, examples of major long vacations for Japanese schools are listed below.

Since the school year in Japan starts in April, long school vacations are as follows.

School’s Holiday Approximate holiday period
Spring break From around March 20 to April 5
Golden Week From around April 29 to May 5
Summer vacation From around July 24 to August 31
Winter vacation From around December 24 to January 5


The opening calendar is expected to be released soon, so please check the official website again when making your plans.

Remember that Tuesdays are basically holidays, so check the calendar on the official website when you are in the process of finalizing your travel plans, in light of the above calendar.


Please also refer to the basic information on Ghibli Park on this website.

Ghibli Park Basic Information
Ghibli Park will open in November 2022. It is time to get advance information in mind. This page covers basic information such as opening schedule, advance information, areas divided into five, and how to access the park.


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