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Let’s take a look at Ghibli Park souvenirs from tweets [#1 Opening Day Edition]

See Ghibli Park souvenirs from tweets #1 from the day the park opened

This article features tweets about souvenirs from Ghibli Park.

It’s only for the first day of the show, so we can’t get the full picture, but there are a lot of visual souvenirs to look forward to.

It’s a quick translation and images, but take a look at the souvenirs at Ghibli Park.

It might be good advance information for those planning a visit.

*This is a tweet in Japanese, but you can translate it by pressing the “Translate Tweet” link (^^)

See you at the Ghibli Park!

Hmm? The tweet says, “I’m off to Ghibli Park now.

But since it says “I’m going to Ghibli Park now,” I guess I have to say “Ittekimasu.

This person seems to have been able to go there many times, and I am envious.

You can see a lot of fun things on the linked instagram.

Oh… I haven’t been to Ghibli Park yet. \(^o^)/Can’t wait to go!


Before entering Ghibli Park There is also a cat bus

Rare image of the entrance gate of Ghibli Park, Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse, taken when it was still dark.

It seems strange that there are not as many people as at the Tokyo Disney Resort.

You can also see the promised cat bus(Neko bus) in the picture.


Wanna go to Ghibli Park, but I forgot something important

I totally agree with this tweet.

It says, “I want to go to Ghibli Park but forgot about the souvenirs. It says, “Buying souvenirs is fine, but it might be bad because the money is disappearing”.

I too would love to go to Ghibli Park, but I completely forgot about the cost of souvenirs.

There is a Japanese expression, “melting money,” but how do you properly say it in English?


Three areas of Ghibli Park and Kawaii personalities

This is a tweet from TV personality Ayaka Matoba…

It’s not a souvenir, but a simple introduction.

It’s not a souvenir, but a simple introduction, but it’s cute so I introduced it.

“Kawaii” is Japanese for Pretty.

Photo 2: Wouldn’t you like to do something like that?

In Japan, Laputa is so popular that when it is televised on TV, the ratings skyrocket!


In the souvenir store you have to wait 2.5 hours for the cashier?

I was shocked when I saw this tweet.

Even though it’s the first day, I can’t believe we had to wait 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to the checkout!

That being said, I heard that the places where photography is prohibited are less crowded and you can take a closer look.

This is good news.

The food is also very cute.

Also, I heard that the food is delicious, which is also important.

I can’t wait to try it!

The souvenir section of the store is shown below.

It took them 30 minutes to enter, 30 minutes to shop, and 1 hour for the bill, for a total of 2 hours.


Not a Ghibli original, but you know about Sakuma-style drops?

Grave of the Fireflies, Sakuma-style drop decorated with an illustration of Setsuko.

Does it taste sad and sweet?

This work, the original novel is sad too.


Select 15 pieces from the Adventure Squadron in Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse?

There is an area in the Ghibli Grand Warehouse named “Adventure Squadron”.

This tweet picks up 15 goods in that area.

So that means there are more than 15 pieces.

I can’t buy all of them… backslash.


Went to Ghibli Park on the opening and bring many souvenirs…(T_T)

Not so much a souvenir from Ghibli Park as a trophy! It’s a visual like that.

It’s kind of strange to see something that was common in Japan decades ago as a souvenir.

Just a towel with an “Aburaya” wrapping paper becomes a twisted souvenir from Ghibli Park.


There’s also flying stone soap bubble and Mei’s dad’s hat!

There's also flying stone soap bubble and Mei's dad's hat!

There’s also flying stone soap bubble and Mei’s dad’s hat!

They even have flying stone soap bubbles as souvenirs!

I’m curious to know what they contain.

Japanese children love to fly soap bubbles outside.

In Japan, both children and adults love Ghibli.

I wonder if the father’s hat has a slightly different design.


Being lucky to get a souvenir from Ghibli Park

The person tweeting seems to be an uncle, but he may have bought it considering his age.

This is because these are the candies and biscuits that the current generation of uncles were familiar with as children.

However, I don’t feel that they are very Ghibli-like (^ω^).

It seems that my uncle feels the same way.


Nice illustration of the Ghibli Park souvenir list

Who did this illustration? It’s so cute and irresistible.

Makes me want a Kaonashi knit cap!


No matter how much Ghibli Park, ¥2.33 million/person is AMAZING!

This news was a bit of a hot topic.

One person purchased 2.33 million yen (about $16,000) worth.

The person tweeting this tweet had a budget of less than a tenth of that, 20,000 yen (about $137).

But, well, isn’t that how it usually works?

On the other hand, if the yen were weaker nowadays, it would seem cheaper to people from abroad.

The earliest I can go backwards from booking tickets in January next year is for admission in April.

I have a feeling that the current weak yen trend will continue until early next year.


All of the Ghibli parks are of high quality

The child’s face is hidden by a smiley face, but the image shows the high quality of the display at Ghibli Park.

This person purchased a pin badge, Yubaba’s ring (I want this one), and various other items.

The love of Ghibli is also strongly felt by the person who created the display.


In this article, I presented tweet #1 of the souvenirs I bought at Ghibli Park.

Ah, yes. I haven’t been able to buy tickets to Ghibli Park yet, but I’ll try to tweet some news.

It’s only the first day, so lots more souvenirs to be featured, so stay tuned!



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