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Let’s take a look at Ghibli Park souvenirs from tweets [#2 roughly 2 weeks later]

This is the second part of a series of tweets about souvenirs from Ghibli Park.

Two weeks have passed since the opening of the park, and we have learned a lot.

This is a simple translation and images, but please have a look at the souvenirs at Ghibli Park.

I don’t know everything yet, but I would like to summarize the prices of typical souvenirs and expiration dates of food items as much as I can.

I’m not sure about all of them yet, but I’d like to summarize as much as I can about typical souvenirs, prices, and expiration dates of foodstuffs, etc.


Ghibli souvenirs are said to have cute boxes

This is a tweet of a Langue d’Osher sent to me by a friend who went to Ghibli Park.

It is a limited edition and the box is cute, so I have it in mind to use it as a glove box.

The box is designed with the “Great Warehouse of Ghibli,” “Hill of Youth,” and “Dondoko Forest,” which will be opened in the first phase, making it easy to identify the highlights of Ghibli Park.

Inside are eight individually wrapped langdosha. The individual wrappings are colorful and each one is cute, so they may be suitable as souvenirs for places where people gather.

The “G” and “P” of Ghibli Park are painted in a slight cocoa color. You can see enough white chocolate to overflow.

The expiration date is about 3 months and it is located in the souvenir store “Adventure Flight Group” in the “Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse”. You can get most of the souvenirs at this store, but be aware that there is a long waiting time.

It has a rich nutty taste created by the fragrance of almonds and hazelnut cream.

Nut Langdosha 1,404 yen
Shelf life: about 3 months


Ghibli Park pin badges, tote bags, etc

People who have been to Ghibli Park tweeted a list of souvenirs and loot.

Langdosha, pin badges, tote bags, and glasses.

He fell in love with the tote bag at first sight and used it as it was to hold his souvenirs.

It means the tote bag is durable and easy to use.


We can’t always get what you want at Ghibli Park

I have not yet confirmed the visual, but the candy in the bijoux can from the work “Ears to the Sky” was sold out, so I am buying kompeito(sugar plum) sugar decorated with Totoro’s Makuro Kurosuke.

By the way, here’s a tweet that shows what a can of bijoux looks like.

This will surely be popular…….can’t easily buy it.


The rug-patterned pochette in Yubaba’s room is photogenic!

Here is a souvenir given by a mother whose daughter went to Ghibli Park.

A pochette with the rug pattern of Yubaba’s room from “Spirited Away.”

She wanted to use it to put her smartphone, which she uses as a pedometer, in, but the size didn’t fit and she gave up the idea of using it for that purpose.

But it’s okay, because it can be used for something else.


If you’re going to have three separate Kashiras, watch out for the different eyes!

This is a plush toy of Kashira, a character from “Spirited Away” as well.

There are S, M, and L sizes, with the largest L size costing 24,200 yen.

If you want to get all three, you will pay 24,200 yen for the largest one.

The person who tweeted this said that his son bought the S size one.

Let’s think about when we take them home with us when we buy them.

When you buy three of any size, please be careful of the difference in the direction of the eyes.


Two of Ghibli’s standard and still cute characters

Stuffed toys of characters from popular Ghibli works “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” and “My Neighbor Totoro”.

This person received two as souvenirs.

They may be small and handy…


Two more of Ghibli’s standard cute characters

This is another popular character.

Catbus from “My Neighbor Totoro” and Bow from “Spirited Away” after their transformations.


Yes, this is another great Ghibli Park souvenir

Some souvenirs do not cost money.

A special edition of the Chunichi Shimbun on the opening day.

This is a tweet from a mother who said her son brought it as a souvenir.

There is a map of Ghibli Park on the back, which is also nice.

I have one myself and would like to introduce it, but I’m not sure if that’s okay.


Think of it as candy from Ghibli Park, just adorable

Here is a tweet from someone who received a souvenir of Ghibli^ak from a colleague at work.

You can buy souvenirs at Dondoko-do where you can buy souvenirs in Dondoko forest.

They are cute, last a long time, and are just right for souvenirs, but at 540 yen for 6 pieces, they may be a bit expensive.

But if you like “My Neighbor Totoro,” this is a good choice.

By the way, it seems that you can go to this “Dondokoro-do” without a ticket.

You can also buy the popular Ramune Soda drink, so if you missed out on buying one or just want to get a taste of the atmosphere in Japan, you should go there.


Sales of the can of Bijoux appear to be discontinued at this time

*2022.11.18. Postscript

Although this information is unconfirmed, it seems that sales of the bijoux cans have been discontinued because production could not keep up with the demand.

The workmanship is elaborate, and it seems that not so many cans can be made.

Not so much for groceries like this one, but it seems that a lot of people are quickly showing up to resell Ghibli Park souvenirs on online flea markets.

In Japan, such people are called “tenbaiers” and have become a bit of a social problem due to the resale of game consoles and rare goods.

In the case of the Ghibli Park, for example, we have noticed that people buy items for 5,000 yen and resell them for 10,000 yen.

Foreign visitors should not be fooled by this kind of resale, and should make sure to obtain the goods through legitimate channels.

We are planning to introduce the prices of typical souvenirs and other information in another article, so please be careful not to be a part of this half-criminal transaction.








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