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Ticket release date confirmed for Ghibli Park for international customers

On December 20, 2022, a major announcement was made regarding the purchase of tickets for Ghibli Park.

This is to finalize the schedule of ticket sales for individuals from abroad.

Ghibli Park tickets or individual overseas visitors to begin on January 10

The announcement that everyone living overseas has been waiting for has been made.

The schedule for the sale of reserved admission tickets to Ghibli Park for individual overseas visitors has been finalized.

Reservation tickets for Ghibli Park admission will go on sale on January 10, 2023, at 2:00 p.m. Japan Standard Time.

International Tickets|GHIBLI PARK

In addition to this, the following is all the relevant information that we currently know.

January sales are reserved tickets for admission from March 15 to April 30

Ticket reservation sales for Ghibli Park will begin on January 10, 2023, for admission from March 15 through April 30.

This follows the sales method for Japan that we have been telling you about, and is based on a first-come, first-served, date and time-specific, complete reservation system.

Admission ticket reservations for May 2023 and beyond will be sold from the 10th of the month three months prior to the month of use.

Tickets for international customers are sold only during the afternoon hours of the “Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse”

It is important to note that for the time being, Ghibli Park tickets for sale to overseas customers are only available for the afternoon hours of the “Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse”.

お探しのページは見つかりませんでした | ジブリパーク

Ghibli Park has not been executing an unreasonable plan from the beginning of its opening, and the project is being carried out in such a way that it will not be overloaded at first.

The rules have changed in small ways within a month or so of the park’s opening, so there are some unreadable aspects such as the system for accepting visitors from overseas and the response of the staff, so this will probably be a limited sale like this at first.

*Of course, this does not apply to those who can fully understand Japanese (^^)

Ticket prices for “Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse” are the same as those for the domestic market

Naturally, ticket prices for the “Grand Warehouse of Ghibli” are the same as those for the domestic market.

Ticket prices for Ghibli Park are as follows.

 “Child” in the table is the age from 4 years old to elementary school student (12 years old)

Area type Weekday Weekend
[Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse] Adult: 2,000yen
Child: 1,000yen
 Adult: 2,500yen
Child: 1,250yen
  • The above amounts include tax. Admission is free for children under 3 years old.
  • All tickets for weekdays, weekends, and holidays must be reserved by date and time.
  • A separate system fee (110 yen per ticket) is required to purchase tickets.

There is more information about the area on the page with this table, if you would like to see it.

3 Key Factors to know about Buying Ghibli Park Tickets and what you need to know
The method of purchasing tickets for Ghibli Park is almost finalized, albeit for domestic use only. The method of ticket sales for out-of-country visitors has not yet been announced, but it should follow a similar format. If you are planning a trip to Ghibli Park, please check this article on how to purchase tickets for Ghibli Park.

The Ghibli Grand Warehouse alone is enough to enjoy Ghibli Park

Although tickets for individual overseas visitors are only available for the “Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse” for the time being, from a different perspective, the “Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse” is where a large part of the fun of Ghibli Park takes place.

When we asked those who have visited all areas of the park, including the Warehouse, the Hill of Youth, and the Dondoko Forest, for which there are now set tickets, what was the best part…

I enjoyed “The Great Warehouse of Ghibli” the most!

That is what I mean. I think so too (^^)

The “Grand Warehouse of Ghibli” alone should be enough to fully enjoy Ghibli Park.

Ghibli Park cannot be fully enjoyed in just one day

To begin with, the “Ghibli Grand Warehouse” and the “Hill of Youth” in Ghibli Park are relatively close to each other, but the “Dondokoro Forest” is located at a bit of a distance from each other.

To be honest, I am not sure if you will be able to fully enjoy the “Dondoko-Mori” after you have enjoyed the “Ghibli’s Big Warehouse”.

If you are applying on January 10, why don’t you concentrate on enjoying “The Great Warehouse of Ghibli”?

Remember = Ghibli Park is closed on Tuesdays

As those of you who have been researching Ghibli Park will know, Ghibli Park is closed every Tuesday.

If you are coming to Japan for the purpose of visiting Ghibli Park, please remember to make your travel plans accordingly.


In this article, we reported that the dates for the sale of tickets for individual overseas visitors to Ghibli Park have been officially announced.

Ghibli Park’s “Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse” is a spot that Studio Ghibli lovers will definitely enjoy.

Even if you can only go there, it is well worth the trip, so if your travel schedule allows, please try to make a reservation.



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