ghibli park entrance gateGhibli Park Tower mid 2023Ghibli's GrandWarehouse1Ghibli's GrandWarehouse2[Ghibli Park Phase II Opening] Entrance to Valley of Witches Almost Complete? Photographed from the outsideLinimo Train & Railway Station in front of Ghibli Park
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5 Key Factors to Purchase Ghibli Park Tickets and what you need to know

Ghibli Park has increased the number of admission areas; admission rules have changed since March 2024. This page focuses on key factors related to ticket purchase.

International Tickets Sales Method for Ghibli Park for Admission after March to be Finalized

The method of selling International Tickets for admission to Ghibli Park after March has been finalized. How do I enter the new areas? What about purchasing tickets? We will provide basic information on the most important points.

Rules for Ghibli Park Japanese Domestic Ticket Will Change from March Admission|How about International Tickets?

The rules for tickets to Ghibli Parks in Japan will be changed from March admission! Although it has not been announced as of the beginning of December, we will report on the ticket reservation and sales system that is expected to follow a similar format, with some predictions.

Japanese local time table for purchasing tickets to Ghibli Park [also information on temporary closing days]

The important thing in getting tickets to Ghibli Park is to know the date and time they go on sale. The tickets go on sale at 14:00 on the 10th of every month, but if you wonder about the time difference from your country... check the list. You can also refer to the list for basic information on purchasing tickets and the most recent temporary park closures.

How to get Ghibli Park tickets for domestic habitants

"I want to buy a ticket for Ghibli Park in Japan, but I don't understand it because it is only available in Japanese." In response to this request, we have created an article explaining the English version of the ticket system for domestic use in Japan. We hope this article will be helpful for those who want to go there for a long stay or are worried about the electronic ticket system in a foreign country.

Alternative Plans for those who could not get tickets to Ghibli Park [Free Area Ver.]

I still can't get tickets to Ghibli Park, but since I'm in Japan, I want to at least get a taste of the atmosphere! Here is a guide to the free area for those who want to have a preview of the park. Flatpersons will guide you.

Alternatives Plans for those who could not get tickets to Ghibli Park [Limited Time Ver.]

I can't get tickets to ghibli park!!! I can't move my itinerary to Japan anymore! This article will give you some alternatives, including Ghibli Park and Ghibli Exhibitions, where tickets are a little easier to obtain.

Ticket release date confirmed for Ghibli Park for international customers

The outline of the ticket release for Ghibli Park for international visitors has been officially announced: from January 10, 2023, reservations for admission from March 15 to April 30, 2023, will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. For the time being, only admission to the "Grand Warehouse of Ghibli" is available. Please see the detailed information if you would like to know more.

3 Key Factors to know about Buying Ghibli Park Tickets and what you need to know

The method of purchasing tickets for Ghibli Park is almost finalized, albeit for domestic use only. The method of ticket sales for out-of-country visitors has not yet been announced, but it should follow a similar format. If you are planning a trip to Ghibli Park, please check this article on how to purchase tickets for Ghibli Park.